Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Council of Wyrms for D&D 3.5

Ages ago I wrote a conversion of TSR's old Council of Wyrms campaign for 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons (not my favorite rules system simply because of it's complexity). I published it at my scribd site where it did very well. Then 4th edition came out and Scribd removed everything relating to 3rd edition, even it it was covered by WOTC's licence so was legal to personally publish.

Well to the underworld with scribd. Here is a fully updated version of my Council of Wyrms conversion text in PDF form. It contains a full conversion of all 15 COW dragon races, a conversion for COW style half dragons and several templates to create crawling wyrms, multi-headed dragons, wyvern dragons, and more! Here is a copy of the table of contents and a couple of the illustrations (all legally used).


Green Dragon with Rider

Chromatic Dragon Frontpiece

Topaz dragon getting his teeth checked

Emerald dragon & Vassal

Gold Dragon



I Am currently rewriting this as a supplement for Pathfinder. It will be totally re-written and will include conversions of the COW adventures. All gem dragons will be converted to Pathfinder's primal dragons. Only OGL info will be used and nothing published by WotC or Hasbro will be included. I am nearly finished and will remove this version and provide a link to the new one when done.

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