Monday, November 5, 2012

My First Post

Hi there, I am Tamara Henson and I am starting this blog to talk about things that interest me. Namely animals. Real, cryptid, mythological, or extinct, all have a place here.

Crytodraco itself was chosen to be the name of this blog because it typifies every aspect of this blog. It means 'Hidden Dragon' and so covers the cryptozoology and mythology aspects. It is also a now unused name for a real animal, the dinosaur Cryptosaurus eumerus. Cryptosaurus was for a long time known as Cryptodraco but the name Cryptosaurus has precedence so this name also covers zoology and paleontology.

It seems Cryptosaurus is so hidden I could not even find a decent picture of one. So here is a close relative Minimi from Australia. It is close to the life appearance of this enigmatic dinosaur which is this blogs namesake. 

Here are some links to sites of interest...

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 My main Zoo Tycoon Site

Tet Zoo, the best zoological blog on the Net

Well thats enough for this opening post. Next up is something I have to share involving Superman's relation to wildlife and responsible pet ownership.

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