Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Marsh Tiger & Monstrous Nightmare

Here are the two more How to Train Your Dragon breeds for In Harms Way-Dragons! The Marsh Tiger and the Monstrous Nightmare. These breeds are so similar they are hard to tell apart at first glance but remember four legs is a water loving tiger and two legs is a flaming nightmare.


Marsh Tiger

Size Pony (0)

Special Ability/Edges Dive and Swim/ Swim 2 Dive 2

Breath Type/Times per Day/Damage Poison Gas/ 5/ +50

Attributes STR 8 /COOR 11 / AGY 8 /END 8 / CHAR 13 / INT 3

Armor/Outer Covering 2/ Light Scales

Acceleration/Max. Speed 5/6

Ceiling/Range 11/80

Attack Type & Skill (Damage) Teeth +1 (+25), Claws +1 (+20), Head Butt +0 (+15), Tail +0 (+15)

Break 3

Maneuv/Stability 12/8

Constitution 16 (4/4/4/4)

Diet/Habitat Fish/Bogs

Aggression Quiet and Docile

Senses Sight x2, Hearing x1, Smell x2, Alert/Observe +2/+2

Ornaments Long Nosed

Vigor 25

Coloring, Pattern & Texture the marsh tiger has glossy scales of burnt orange or red striped with black.

The marsh tiger is one of the most popular riding dragons found in the marshy bogs of the archipelago. It resembles a monstrous nightmare but has four webbed feet and two large wings. They have prominent nostrils at the end of a long snout so that they can breathe while wallowing in the mud. The main downside of this breed is that whenever they see water the want to submerge which gives their rider a good dunking unless he can control his steed.

Marsh tigers have brightly colored striped eggs that are highly poisonous if eaten. These eggs are placed in little, basket-shaped nests, that float on the surface of the water.  
Marsh Tiger posing as a Monstrous Nightmare from the HTTYD Live Spectacular

Monstrous Nightmare

Size Hippo (3)

Special Ability/Edges Elemental aura fire/3/+30/ point blank

Breath Type/Times per Day/Damage fire/7/+150

Attributes STR 10 /COOR 11 / AGY 10 /END 10 / CHAR 10/ INT 4

Armor/Outer Covering 3/ medium Plates

Acceleration/Max. Speed 9/13

Ceiling/Range 12/140

Attack Type & Skill (Damage) Teeth + 4 (+ 40), Claws + 4 (+ 35), Head Butt + 0 (+ 30), Tail + 0 (+ 30)

Break 4

Maneuv/Stability 14/6

Constitution   24 (6/6/6/6)

Diet/Habitat Fish/Mountains

Aggression Ready to strike

Senses Sight x, Hearing x, Smell x, Alert/Observe +2/+3

Ornaments Long nosed and either horns or barbels

Vigor 15

Coloring, Pattern & Texture the ridged scales of the monstrous nightmare come in three main color phases. The most common is burnt sienna on the nose and dorsal ridge shading to bright copper on the sides and cream on the belly. Other colors are blood red shading to cherry red on the sides and yellow below and violet shading to turquoise and leaf green. All are striped with a much darker shade of the body coloring.

The monstrous nightmare is a wyvern breed that walks on all fours like a bat. It has a long neck and tail, armor plated spine, a sharp dorsal ridge, and enormous hind talons.  Young male nightmares (like Hookfang) have straight horns but as the dragon ages these horns develop tines like those of a deer. The more tines the older the dragon. Older females grow barbels on the chin instead of developing tines on their horns.

It is best known for its kerosene gel breath weapon which creates a vicious flame. In addition to using this chemical in its breath weapon the monstrous nightmare smears itself with it when grooming. This allows the dragon to ignite the chemical so as to burst into flame. This elemental aura can discourage unwanted riders, injure grappling attackers, and burn through ropes and hobbles.

Because of their ferocity in battle by unofficial Viking tradition only the chief or a close relative (Snoutlout is Stoick's nephew) can own a monstrous nightmare.
Hiccup confronts Hookfang (Fireworm in the Books) the Monstrous Nightare

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