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The Night Fury, Windwalker, and Deadly Nadder

Deadly Nadder and Night Fury
Here are the two most famous of the How to Train Your Dragon movie breeds for In Harms Way-Dragons!

The Night Fury (& Windwalker)

Size Horse (1)

Special Ability/Edges Night Vision/ Night 4 and Chameleon Skin (Dark only) /Undetectable 4

Breath Type/Times per Day/Damage Fire (plasma blasts)/6/+150

Attributes STR 8 /COOR 12 / AGY 10 /END 9/ CHAR 9 / INT 8

Armor/Outer Covering 3/Light Scales (or Light Feathers for Windwalker)

Acceleration/Max. Speed 8/13

Ceiling/Range 17/127

Attack Type & Skill (Damage) Teeth +4 (+30), Claws +4 (+25), Head Butt +0 (+20), Tail +0 (+20)

Break 3

Maneuv/Stability 17/3

Constitution 19 (5/5/5/4)

Diet/Habitat Fish/Mountains

Aggression Defensive

Senses Sight x2, Hearing x4, Smell x2, Alert/Observe +2/+3

Ornaments Crested & Large Eyed

Vigor 25

Coloring, Pattern & Texture both the Night Fury and windwalker has glossy raven black or midnight blue scales marked with deep charcoal grey and jet black spots (similar to a black leopard or jaguar). Due to the natural camouflage of this coloration these breeds are considered to have Undetectable 4 at night or in the dark. The Windwalker  is covered with shaggy fur-like feathering when young. By adulthood most of these feathers (except for those on the wings) have been replaced with scales. Night Furies are always scaly.

The Night fury is the rarest breed of domestic dragon and is a lightweight breed that somewhat resembles a cross between a salamander and a panther is appearance. Two large ears grow from the sides of the head that blend in with a fleshy crest that grows around the jaws. They also have a pair of large, yellowish-green, cat-like eyes and sharp retractable teeth. The tail ends in a pair of fins. Unlike most breeds, the Night Fury lacks any kind of horns. The dragon is about 26 feet in length.

In flight, the Night Fury's wingspan is unrivaled, bearing approximately 48 feet, making it have one of the longest wing-to-body ratio of any dragon. This allows it to fly faster, longer and further than any other dragon breed of its size class. It uses its tail fins to steer and maneuver. However, a Night Fury will be incapable of flying these are injured. Its unconventional fire (a semi-solid mass alight with an acetylene/oxygen flame) explodes on impact. Its signature attack mode is executed after sundown and from high altitude, enwrapped in its wings; it dives like a bullet, pulling up at the last moment to deliver one precise and explosive burst of flame before vanishing back into the darkness.

Windwalkers are similar to Night Furies in statistics except that they are more elongated in appearance, similar to an oriental dragon but with a crocodilian head. In fact the Hiccup of the books rides a Windwalker instead of a Night Fury.
Toothless as a Night Fury

Deadly Nadder
Size Draft Horse (2)
Special Ability/Edges Venomous Spikes/ 3 shots per day/ damage +25/ Range: short
Breath Type/Times per Day/Damage Fire/ 6/ 175
Attributes STR 9 /COOR 12 / AGY 9 /END 9/ CHAR 12 / INT 5
Armor/Outer Covering 3/ Light scales
Acceleration/Max. Speed 7/12
Ceiling/Range 12/126
Attack Type & Skill (Damage) Teeth + 0 (+ 25), Claws + 0 (+ 25), Head Butt + 0 (+ 25), Tail + 5 (+ 30)
Break 3
Maneuv/Stability 15/5
Constitution   19 (5/5/5/4)
Diet/Habitat Fish and poultry/Mountains
Aggression Skittish
Senses Sight x 0, Hearing x 2, Smell x 3, Touch x1 Alert/Observe +0/+2
Ornaments Crested and Barbed
Vigor 20
Coloring, Pattern & Texture the deadly nadder is one of the most beautiful of dragons, Females have scales of violet tipped with sky blue, emerald green tipped with leaf green, Aquamarine tipped with rose, or bright orange tipped with gold. Males are the same colors but are pointed instead of tipped. The nose horn, crest, and tail spikes are ivory yellow. Bright canary yellow stripes mark the tail and the wings are mottled with spots of the tip color bordered in yellow.  The texture is glossy except on the tail where the scales elongate until they are like ruffled like feathers.
The Deadly Nadder is a wyvern type dragon with a bipedal build and no forelimbs, much like a bird in build. On it's blunt snout is a large nasal horn and a crest of elongated spikes crowns the skull. Coating it's long tail is a series of sharp venomous barbs that can be thrown at opponents.  When relaxed these barbs lie flat and are concealed in the elongate feather-scales of the tail. They can also be used to make a warning sound, similar to a rattlesnake, to ward off attackers.

Nadder movie concept art

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