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The Little Ones: Terrible Terrors & Friends

Sorry for the delay, I have had problems posting to blogger lately. But finally here is the next post for the HTTYD series.

Not all the dragons in the how to Train your dragon franchise are large, many are dog sized or smaller. The smallest are the insect-sized nanodragons but today we are going to look at those species commonly kept as pets and hunting dragons.

The most common in the movies is the Terrible Terror, a breed the size of a large house cat. The most common in the books is the dog sized Common garden and Basic brown breeds. The last is the Horrible Horror, my own hunting dragon according to This Website.

These small dragons may not be ridden but they can carry messages for the PCs (or NPCs for that matter), act as scouts, help hunt down dinner, be familiars, or simply be the team pet.

Terrible Terrors

Common Garden & Basic Brown

Size Large Dog (-1)

Special Ability/Edges Dive and Swim/ Swim 2 Dive 2

Breath Type/Times per Day/Damage Fire/ 4 / +75

Attributes STR 7 /COOR 12 / AGY 7 /END 8 / CHAR 13 / INT 4

Armor/Outer Covering 2/ Light scales

Acceleration/Max. Speed 3/8

Ceiling/Range 14/ 77

Attack Type & Skill (Damage) Teeth +2 (+20), Claws +2 (+10), Head Butt +0 (+10), Tail +2 (+10)

Break 2

Maneuv/Stability 18/2

Constitution   11 (3/3/3/2)

Diet/Habitat Small Animals and Fish/Meadows and bogs

Aggression Calm and Settled

Senses Sight x2, Hearing x1, Smell x2, Alert/Observe +2/+3

Ornaments Barbed

Vigor 35

Coloring, Pattern & Texture the Basic Brown is any shade of brown from near white to dark chocolate with darker blotches. The common garden is any shade of green grading to yellow on the undersides. Both breeds have soft scales with prickly back ridges.

The basic brown and common garden dragons are so similar that both breeds can be lumped into one entry. Very common and differentiated mainly by color and habitat these breeds are the first thing the average Viking thinks of when they hear the word "dragon".  Basic browns are (as their name implies) brown in color and inhabit riversides and bogs. The Common garden is also found in riverside habitats as well as in open meadowlands. Both feed upon fish, rodents, and other small prey. This breed is often kept as a pets or fishing/hunting dragons by commoners due to their easiness to train.

Common Garden Dragon

Terrible Terror

Size Cat (-3)

Special Ability/Edges Herd Mentality/ Teamwork 4

Breath Type/Times per Day/Damage Fire/ 10/ +100

Attributes STR 5 /COOR 13 / AGY 8 /END 8/ CHAR 11 / INT 3

Armor/Outer Covering 3/Light scales

Acceleration/Max. Speed 6/10

Ceiling/Range 13/ 81

Attack Type & Skill (Damage) Teeth + 4 (+ 10), Claws + 4 (+ 5), Head Butt + 0 (+ 0), Tail +0 (+ 0)

Break 2

Maneuv/Stability 20/0

Constitution 11 (3/3/3/2)

Diet/Habitat Fish and small animals/ Sea Shore

Aggression Nervous, easily startled

Senses Sight x 2, Hearing x 1, Smell x 1, Alert/Observe +2/+1

Ornaments Large Eyed

Vigor 35

Coloring, Pattern & Texture the terrible terror has soft scales that are bright copper or red along the dorsal ridge, eyelids, and wings. This color gradates to soft leaf green, mustard yellow, orange, sky blue, or violet on the sided before fading to a much paler shade on the belly.

This tiny dragon has a gecko-like body, two pairs of horns, and a tail with a barbed tip. Unlike most domestic dragons terrible terrors cannot be ridden but are kept as pets much like a scaly flying cat. They can also be used as messenger dragons, much like homing pigeons.

Terrors are very mischievous and, when traveling in a pack, can be quite aggressive. They are not picky eaters and will eat any small animal they can catch and are not above stealing food from humans. Happy terrors will also "sing" with a series of squawks, chirps, and growls. This noise can get quite disruptive at night.

Terrible Terror from the movie

Horrible Horror

Size Large Dog (-1)

Special Ability/Edges Venomous (bite)/ Poison / 3 / +10

Breath Type/Times per Day/Damage Poison gas / 4 / Special

Attributes STR 7 /COOR 13 / AGY 9 /END 8 / CHAR 8 / INT 9

Armor/Outer Covering 3/Light scales

Acceleration/Max. Speed 6/11

Ceiling/Range 19/ 99

Attack Type & Skill (Damage) Teeth + 5 (+ 20), Claws + 0 (+10), Head Butt + 0 (+ 10), Tail +0 (+ 10)

Break 2

Maneuv/Stability 20/0

Constitution 16 (4/4/4/4)

Diet/Habitat Small animals/ Meadow

Aggression Angry and lashing out

Senses Sight x 2, Hearing x 1, Smell x 1, Taste x2. Alert/Observe +2/+1

Ornaments Large Eyed

Vigor 35

Coloring, Pattern & Texture horrible horror has soft pastel scales of baby blue, pastel pink, peachy orange or light yellow. The belly scales are a paler shade and the wings are spotted in a darker hue.

 The horrible horror, often simply called a Horror, is a larger relative of the Terrible Terror and is known for its adorable appearance and behavior. In the wild these cute critters lure unsuspecting animals towards them by rolling about in play like a cute puppy. Curious animals come towards the dragon, perhaps thinking it is injured, and at the last second the dragon lets loose with its breath. The unconscious victim is then bitten to death with venomous fangs.

This breed is amazingly dangerous for its size.  Their bite is poisonous (doing a total of + 30 damage) and their smoky breath can knock out its victims. Those caught in the breath of a Horror must make a Con x 3 roll to avoid it. On a failure the victim falls unconscious for three turn. If the roll succeeds then the target is merely drowsy and all of his difficulties increase by one level for the next three turns.

 While considered a domestic dragon, Horrible Horrors can only be trained by someone who fully understands dragons and takes the Horror seriously. Once bonded this breed makes a superb hunting dragon.

A Typical Horror, from the books

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