Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Council of Wyrms Conversion for Pathfinder

Remember the old post about my Council of Wyrms conversion for the 3.5 edition of d&d? Well Dungeons & Dragons is in its 5th edition now so that book is useless to all but diehard 3.5 fans. So I wrote a Pathfinder conversion instead as Pathfinder is still popular and has remained consistent to this day.

The new Council of Wyrms differs from the old one in many respects. First it is a full conversion, even converting the adventures and NPC from the original box set. Second I have omitted the templates and published them as a separate book that includes a few more templates for the DM to unleash on unsuspecting players. Third, and the largest change, I have replaced the gem dragons with Pathfinder's primal dragons. As the differences between the gem and peal dragons are mainly cosmetic one can use whichever coloration one prefers without changing the stats but as only the primals are OGL they were the ones to use.

Click here to read the books and enjoy...

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